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Welcome to the Turkish Casino experience!

Visit Bahtat opens its doors to everyone who is interested in having a unique night out at a casino that is not like the others, one that has a true exotic identity with a very authentic feel. Our Turkish themed casino is run by real Turk descendants who have insuflated it with their very rich culture. This is no imitation, there is no staging or fake hosts here. Visit Bahtat is a 100% real Turkish experience from the very moment you step in to the instant when you leave. 

Here are just some of the features we offer at Visit Bahtat that make the experience absolutely genuine and characteristic of the Turkish culture.

Traditional dishes

The best ambientation

Casinos are never complete without a good snack bar where you can grab a bite and take a break from the insense gambling sessions. You can relax in one of our tables or the bar itself and taste authentic Turkish food. Our kitchen is led by a real Turkish chef, and we work with the best import supplies, so with every bite you will be transported all the way to the Mediterranean and have the real experience of a Turkish meal!  Once you step inside Visit Bahtat, you are truly transported to the Turkish centers of leisure and entertainment - to the fanciest ones, to be exact! From the tables and machine designes to decoration and aromatization, everything in our casino resembles our beloved Turkey. You can visit those faraway lands without leaving Yorkshire! Come to Visit Bahtat and see it with your own eyes. Our casino isn’t just a gambling center, it’s a whole experience that you will never forget... and will make you want to come back!




Turkish hosts

Music and shows

We are a family business. Visit Bahtat is run by an extensive family of Turkish descendants that moved to the United Kingdom some decades ago, and yet managed to keep our familiar and cultural traditions alive. Now, we want to share the legacy and identity of our beloved country with you. We work from our hearts to make this experience as authentic as it gets, so you have a great time with your friends, spending time in our venue, enjoying the same dishes we would have growing up in Turkey, and playing the best casino games. The ambientation of our casino is utterly genuine. No exotic feel is complete without the right music, but we don’t want to make it boring or too odd for you, so we choose the best Turkish artist that combine traditional sounds with modern beats for our background music. We also offer shows displaying the best of our culture, including dance spectacles, musical performances and acts of acrobatics. You can get in closer contact with the Turkish culture and have a great night with our shows.


Visit Bahtat Country Casino welcomes all guests who want to have a true Turkish experience while playing the best casino games in the United Kingdom.

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Every year, hundreds of people have the night of their life with us!

Lina Stevenson

"Visit Bahtat is the absolute best casino I’ve ever visited. It’s so exotic and interesting, and it does service all a good casino should have. Games are great and ambientation is amazing."

Henry Potter

"I go to Visit Bahtat every time I have the chance. It’s just that fun. I have seen no casino like it, with all this Turkish ambientation and even some great music that I think is Turkish too. And the dishes are excellent. Perfect."

William Collins

"I keep telling my friends that they have to come with me to Visit Bahtat. It’s something that you need to see. It’s very original and very fancy, yet the prices are very accessible and dealers are a ton of fun."

Every year, hundreds of people have the night of their life with us!